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My experience is that all my guitars have matured differently, with no rhyme I can recognize. I can say that every guitar I’ve owned has benefited by the “aging” process. Some opened up significantly in a relatively  short 6 month period of time. Others have taken a few years, while improving gradually along the way. Surprisingly, a SCGC EIR/German OM I currently own is one that has been slow to open over its first 2 years. However, it has gone from being a very nice guitar to pretty incredible — with no signs of leveling out. I’ll be anxious to see how my new Custom SCGC Coco/Italian OMG matures. It came to me with an unusually mature sound and it’s hard to imagine what it will grow to become.

One thing I’ve noticed is that some of my guitars have a short-term opening that occurs every time I play them, especially if I haven’t played them for a while, like a week or more. These guitars seem to warm up & provide a more complex tonal profile after playing them for 10 minutes or so.

– Paul –