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Enter “Alex Austin Nowhere Railroad” in the command line and you’ll be directed to a page where you’ll see photos of Alex , his band and his wife. Nowhere Railroad was an album of Alex’s. He gave me a couple cd’s. The musicians in his band were really quite good. Check it out.  Alex was living in Florida and he told me that this group were some of the best in the south.

Alex posted a lot of his music on the forum unfortunately the reset button got pushed with the creation of the new forum and everyone’s music including mine went away. Alex had a ton of music on Sound Cloud but I was unabale to find him.

Before Alex passed away he suggested that I learn ‘Jerry Reed’s “The Claw”. I learned the tune, Alex died then my house burnt down. I’ll be posting in the next month in memory of Alex.

Zorro new Alex better than I. Zorro lived near Alex. Alex and lived 3000 miles apart. I talked with Alex on the phone an extensively via email but I never met him face to face.