Reply To: Pleking


I wish someone from SCG would chime in on this.

What I have read about the machine would leave me to believe;

1. Basic observations while the guitar is strung up and under tension will still allow good decisions on truss/relief adjustments, saddle height and fret wear/replacement?

2. The plek allows for modelling/charting using repeatableĀ  measurements while under tension.

3. The plek generated profiles would allow decisions to be made based on comparisons to accepted “best of” set ups.

If these statements are true then maybe a SCG rep could tell us how a “best of” setupĀ  is reflected in changes to the sound of the same guitar?

I’m just thinking here that a higher overall saddle position on my Tony Rice for my more aggressive flatpicking style created a change in the attack and decay on single notes??

While a lower overall saddle created a softer attack and decay??

This may have been my imagination since it was impossible to do a blind test with one guitar? This should be something SCG could educate us on so we can make better decisions on Plek setups.




Tom eh