Reply To: Custom 50th FTC

Matt Hayden

Permission to board, Cap’n?

Since the FTC is (to my mind) all about the warmth of a flattop and the clarity and cut-through-the-mix of an archtop, I’d go with spruce – probably sitka – for the top, and some really beautiful maple for the back and sides.

Deco inlays on an ebony board on a multi-piece maple neck (for structural stability) with some kind of light-colored binding and a clear finish would round it out. Not sure about purling and binding, but a 5- or 7-way multiply of ebony and figured maple would work.

Also, probably, a couple of tiny plates on either side of the inside of the soundhole (prob maple) to provide extra support for a magnetic pickup (I like the sound of Sunrise pickups in those instruments, but they’re kind of heavy).

That would be (IMHO) the perfect combination of aesthetics and function.