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    I’m going to be traveling to Colorado by Jeep in August to visit family. I will be in Boulder and Carbondale for about 3 weeks.
    I normally use my 1993 Martin HD-28 to play “Out” locally but it has a small crack (professionally repaired and stabilized) so I don’t want to subject it to travel and low humidity. The crack occurred during a tropical storm in the Bahamas many years ago.
    I have decided to travel with my SCGC F cutaway, Maple/German as it is the SC that I have the least investment , also I love to play it.
    I use Bovida 49% packs in my Guitar Cabinet during the summer with great success.
    I have ordered a set of the Bovida “saddlebags” for use in the guitar case during my trip.
    Anyone have experience with these and if so …Good or Bad.
    Thanks for any input.

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    • This topic was modified 4 months, 2 weeks ago by  zorro.
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    I can’t edit my post….I meant BOVEDA 49% Packs

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    Old Poseur

    I live outside of Boulder in Lyons and you are right to be concerned about how dry it is here.  You should also be careful about leaving your guitar (even in its case) in your jeep for extended periods – the sun gets very hot and car interiors can bake. August can be pretty dry (I’d guess 16% on average) so keep your guitar in your case with 2 Boveda 49% packs in a saddlebag in your guitar’s sound hole and another pouch up by the headstock.  That’s how I keep mine year round and have no problems.  I also humidify my house now. Right now it’s raining and my house is at 53%, but that’s a pretty rare occurrence. Have a great time and make sure you stop by eTown, see some live music, and come join a bluegrass jam – there are too many locally to list.

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