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    blind joe death

    Two years ago, I set out to buy my first ‘nice’ acoustic.  I had tried out 50 or more guitars at various shops, but I didn’t find anything that really spoke to me.

    Then, one day I picked up a D/PW mahogany and it was a near-religious experience. Before I even really played it I knew it was what I was looking for. Not only was it light as a feather, the fit and finish (a nice red-colored burst, tasteful appointments) was head and shoulders above the other items in the shop, including other high end instruments.

    It is, to this day one of the best, if not the best sounding guitar I’ve ever played. My playing jumped up several notches as a I learned to use the guitar’s inherent sweetness, bass-presence and ‘sizzling’ treble to my advantage in my own compositions.

    Last summer I had an accident where I fell through the ceiling of a property my wife and I were remodeling, and got a head injury. After the accident, I was unable to play the complex fingerstyle arrangements I enjoyed and, indeed could barely play at all.  It almost felt as if I was starting over.

    After a long recovery period I began playing again, and now, fully a year later, I feel like I’m back to where I was before the fall.

    I credit the inspirational qualities of that guitar with getting me going when I became frustrated and wanted to give up.

    Thank you, Richard and SCGC for making such a magical instrument.  Can’t wait to buy my next one!

    Now to decide which one, DBB or 00-Skye.

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    bjd, welcome to the forum. I won’t say how I know what it feels to be injured remodeling but can verify how good it feels to get back to normal. I owned a rosewood Tony Rice for many years but found the mahog VJ to work best for me, both just excellent. Happy hunting on t he next adventure. bert

    SCGC VJ, Collings CJmhAsssb, Bourgeois 00, Eastman E20OM-TC & El Rey4 archtop, bottleneck reso.

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    Welcome BJD to the Forum.
    Your thoughts regarding the inspiration one gets from Santa Cruz guitars has been a subject many times before on this and other forums.
    We know exactly how you feel….you will find that we are all simpatico here.
    Your first Santa Cruz will NOT be your last.

    1993 Martin Custom HD-28 Eir/Sitka
    2001 SCGC Custom F Cutaway Maple/Sitka

    2008 SCGC Custom Otis Taylor H Madi/Italian
    2015 SCGC Custom OM “The Tree” Hog/European
    2016 SCGC Custom 1934 D-45 Braz/ Adi

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    Welcome to the forum Joe. I’m glad to hear you’re on the mend. Love those SCGC guitars.

    – Paul –

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    Great to hear you found a guitar to really bond with, and great to hear you’re on the mend! Its scary to think how a simple accident can take away something that way. But its good to know you didn’t give up and are getting it all back!!

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